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List of Approved Cements for use with Retanols

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To achieve the best results with Retanol screed additives, PCT Chemie recommends that the following types of cement should only be used:

  • Type: Portland cements – CEM I, or Portland composite cements – CEM II (for example A-L, A-LL, B-L, B-LL). Please see the PCT Cement List below for further information
  • Class: 32.5 N + R/42.5 N + R (note that 52.5 is less suitable for screeds due to its higher strength which can increase the risk of cracking and deformation)
  • Quality: Use standardized and QC-monitored cements

Only the cement type categories highlighted in green in the following cement clearance list (click here) should be used when mixing Retanol screeds.

For customer ease of reference, they are as follows:

Cement reference Type
CEM II/A-L Limestone (L)
CEM II/B-L Limestone (L)
CEM II/A-LL Limestone (LL)
CEM II/B-LL Limestone (LL)


The cement reference will be found in the technical specification sheet for the cement in question (and quite possibly even on the cement bag itself).

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